Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rest Your Mind!

As I was rummaging through one of my sheds yesterday, I ran across some of my past ideas and materials that I had once used for my bulletin boards at my job as cafeteria manager for the small local elementary school.This was one of my favorite things to do. I think now it was because it was so relaxing to my mind. I had a lot of paper work to do at that time,and that always stressed me out to no end.I could get away from the paperwork and work with my bulletin boards and the stress seemed to diminish immediately.That's the same way I feel now with mowing the grass. No matter how stressed I am, I can hop on my lawn mower and feel much better instantly. I believe it has something to do with seeing the end results quickly that are pleasing to the eye. I love to see my bulletin boards completed all neat and colorful, and the yard all neat and trimmed. That calms me so to sit back and see my beautiful creation and handy work.That may not be the reason why these things are so calming to me, but it seems like a possible explanation. No matter what the reason, I am so thankful I have found ways to release a bit of the stress in my life at any given moment.I intend to keep my little bulletin board ideas going in some way. If no other way, then just to use in my posts. I do love working with them. My sister, Vicki, gave me the letters some thirty years ago to use in appliques, but I never used them in that way, enough to mention,but this is the way I have used them, and I cherish the letters to this day. She gave me a set of both upper case and lower case letters, and I have never told her how much pleasure that one little gesture has brought me over the last thirty years. Thank you,Vicki, for thinking of me, those many years ago, and sending me the wonderful set of letters.


  1. Mowing the grass is very relaxing and rewarding. It's like cleaning out your refrigerator..or oven. IT's a reward to look inside and see it so clean.
    I weeded my vegetable garden yesterday and it looks so good today..
    Have a Blessed Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa;)

  2. How sweet!! You are so very welcome!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the letters.

    I remember using them to make my fabric "Welcome" signs. I no longer have that set of letters but I do use the computer to make letters when I need them now...such a fun thing to do...sitting and cutting out letters and using them for different projects.

    Yes, I can see how mowing the lawn would be calming for you...and the yard always looks so nice when it's all finished and neat and trim.

    That's the way I feel when I calms me. I always enjoy making afghans just for that reason!!

    Loved your post & love you too,sis!!!

    Until later...V