Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Must It Hurt So Bad?

We loose close friends and family, and maybe a special pet occasionally,and we feel pain that comes with those deaths.That is perfectly normal to feel pain with those kinds of losses.But why does it hurt so bad to loose other things? By other things, I am speaking of (1)the baby chick I lost after working with it's leg problem for two weeks,especially since I thought it was making such progress with the therapy I was giving it.(2)Then there was the first hatched baby chick from our last setting of eggs.I cared for it for three or four days before the second chick hatched, then the first chick drowned in the mother's drinking water.I was sick, and I mean literally sick, for a few days, since I thought about taking the larger bowl of water out of the coop,for that very reason. One of the chicks might fall in the bowl and drown,but I just never took the time to remove the bowl.(3)Then there was one of the twin goats I raised for two years. We sold our three goats,the Mother,Katlyn, and her twin babies,Maddie and Josie, to a friend, and we heard this morning, that Maddie,one of the twins, was found dead in the pasture, one morning this week. She had a baby or two this past few months and we had visited all of the goats a few times after selling them,so we could get adjusted to letting them go. Maddie was the most lovable of the twins.(4)Then this week, we lost the Mother Purple Martin that had built in the Bluebird box. We had watched the pair build their nest and make all the necessary preparations for their young ones. We saw them hatch out 5 babies. We watched the parents come and go at feeding time each day.Then,this morning, I thought the Mother was taking too long to appear.I was gone all day Wednesday, and I was tied up all day Thursday, so I had not had time to watch them as closely as I had been.This morning I got worried and checked out the nest.There were the 5 babies birds inside, dead.The Mother,most likely, had been eaten by the cats,a day or two ago.Now that was hard to accept after looking forward to the baby Martins for so long.It has been a really painful few weeks for me trying to get over all of this.I can't really say these are my pets, like the cats or the dogs,but it still hurts so bad to loose them, just the same. I keep myself busy, trying not to think about it, but a little twinge of pain keeps creeping back in.Why must it hurt so bad?Is it my age that makes these things hurt so bad?Pop says we can't worry about such things, but it is not that easy for me to get over the pain I feel with these losses. I love my cats, but I love watching the birds,too. If only the cats could catch birds out in the field or woods, and not the ones I am so attached to.But that's what cats do. Eat birds. I can't really blame them for doing what comes natural for them,but that doesn't make it hurt any less.


  1. We've lost quite a few animals over the years. Somes losses are harder to take than others. When something like this happens, I try to think of the good things going on around my place, and it makes it easier. :)

  2. I'm sorry Sue and I agree with Nancy.
    I guess God has his own plans.
    At least you got to watch the martins for a time...
    I know it doesn't ease the pain though.