Sunday, June 26, 2011

Landscaping Around My Two Sheds

I work with the landscaping around my two sheds whenever I can get all of my ducks in a row. You know the ones. The weather, my resources, my energy level,a few spare minutes.Yes, those are the ones.It's hard to get everything together, all in the same time frame.At least that's usually the way it works for me.The yard was all mowed.That's usually my main concern. The weather has been a little rainy, but nothing major. We are getting just a quick shower here and there,although Church Hill Downs was hit with a pretty good wallop from the wind this past week.The rain has cooled things down just enough to where it's bearable to work outdoors,so I have been trying to get myself interested in working IN my sheds, but this is as close as I've come. I figure if I can make the landscaping around the sheds more appealing, that might entice me into going inside and getting something done with the contents.That job has been a major thorn in my side for years.One I cannot make myself tackle just yet.
I widened the bed around the sheds to where I could set a couple of comfortable chairs, should I ever get someone to sit and enjoy the view with me. Pop wants me to sit with him among his tools in his messy garage and pouting room.I think he knows it gets to me, and I'll jump up and do some cleaning,as I usually do,rather than sit and relax a few minutes with him.  I don't understand how he can entertain folks in his pouting room with everything so messy.I can't stand it. It is usually so bad when company drops in, I get up and  start cleaning immediately,while the company is present. I know that is rude, but I think I do that because I am so embarrassed about the mess.Most folks will feel as Pop does, that it is the responsibility of the woman to keep HIS pouting room clean. Like I don't have anything else to do all day everyday.

Nevertheless, back to my landscaping. I located several Hosta and Liriope plants around the property and transplanted them around the outer edge of the new bed.The morning rain could not have come at a better time. Now,hopefully, my transplants will all live.

The dreaded Creeping Charlie has taken over this area of the property, so there's not much hope for doing a lot with it,but we'll see if he moves into my heavily mulched beds. I put down several layers of wet newspaper then covered that with the wild tree trimmers mulch.Maybe I can keep Charlie at bay for awhile.I transplanted several plants around the newly revised area. Some of my prettiest store bought Day lilies,a few Lavender plants,Rose Moss,Red Bee Balm, and Blue Salvia, Verbena on a Stick,Black-eyed Susan and Coreopsis,to name a few.I already had a few things established  like a Forsythia,a Rose of Sharon bush,an Adam's Needle Yucca,Lamb's Ear,Purple Yarrow,English Ivy,Creeping Phlox,Columbine, Lemon Balm,Wild Sweet Potato,Morning Glories,and Passion Flower.

Pop was bush hogging the property today, and he called me on the cell phone,saying to come quick.He had found a beautiful, but the  strangest flower he had ever seen.I hung up immediately and ran to meet him on the four wheeler with my shovel in hand. He knows me well. I had a feeling that it was going to be a passion flower since they grow wild in our field, and sure enough it was. I explained to him that I have them popping up everywhere in the yard, almost like a weed,but he had never seen them in bloom.They are indeed a strange,but beautiful flower.So I added another Passion Flower to my collection of transplanted flowers in my newly revised bed.I'm sure I will be doing some tweaking as the season progresses, but I'll stop there for now and hope it all fills out the way I had envisioned it in my mind.

I forgot to mention that I had three reasons for building the bed around my sheds.
(1) to stop the rush of water going underneath the sheds,from the sloping yard around them.
(2) to keep the grass and weeds from growing up close to the buildings.
(3)to have a place to set my yard furniture beneath the shade trees.I don't do it often, but it is so nice to sit and enjoy my handy work around me.
Between the two of us, the entire property looks so nice today. I mowed the entire yard yesterday, and Pop bush hogged the remaining 4 acres today. If only it would remain that way. 


  1. It looks lovely.
    Can you tell me what a 'pouting' room is please?
    Thanks for your comment about Max

  2. Oh what a pretty scene, it does make you want to sit for a while.

  3. My, you work so hard Sue. Makes me feel a bit lazy! Looks so nice. You should be proud of yourself! :)

  4. Thanks, ladies. I'm like the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz. If I don't keep moving,my joints will freeze up.50, the pouting room is where Pop goes to sulk when he is upset about anything.He named it that in fun.It's his own little private space,where his coffee drinking friends hang out,gossip,smoke,and watch old westerns together.