Friday, June 3, 2011

To the dump,to the dump, to the dump dump dump......

Not this little jewel. I scavenged this old rack and an old bike frame from Pop's load of metal,which was headed to the Scrap Metal site up town. He fussed a bit. Said I'd never do anything with those two pieces of junk,so I might as well let them go with the rest of the scrap metal.Little did he know,You don' tell me I'm NOT going to do something.You'd think after 32 years, he would know that,and then again, maybe he was using reverse psychology on me. He probably knew that if he worded it that way,it was sure to get the job finished. Who knows what goes through the minds of men. Only they know, and they are not telling.
The frame was a combination cart/stand Pop had built years ago to hold his oxygen and acetylene tanks.That was many years ago, but the tanks had outgrown the rack,or for whatever reason, he no longer needed the rack,and off to the scrap pile it went,or so he thought.

My new cart will be great for pulling a 5 gallon bucket of soil across the yard, to save my back.After spending about an hour in the heat today,disassembling the bike and reassembling the cart,I nearly threw in the towel,but I was determined to get the job done.The bike must have been assembled by a tinkerer like myself, because there were no two nut and bolts alike. I kept having to raid Pop's tool cabinet.Well really,it' my tool cabinet. I inherited the original tool cabinet  from Dad's belongings after his death,but it was destroyed in the fire, and this one was given to us,by a friend,as a replacement.

I dabbed a little paint on the cart, after I got it all assembled this morning.That helped it tremendously.
The bike rims are not the greatest, but they'll do in a pinch.I'll keep my eyes peeled for a couple of larger,better wheels.That would make the cart push much easier, but for now,I have some heavy black plastic tubing.There is a piece of it lying by the cart in the picture. I think it was originally used in the well, but when we replaced it, the old has just been lying around with no use in mind(that I know of).But now I will be using it as tires on my cart. It is a bit stiff, but with a little heat, it should curl right around those empty rims. Then with a small piece of electric fence wire to secure it,Wallah.My cart has tires.I think it turned out to be quite a nifty little dolly/cart.Pop says he may want it back now.To that I say "Sorry about your luck,Pop. It's mine now.One man's trash is another man's (or woman's) treasure."

"Poor people have poor ways,but they usually work."

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  1. Oh my gosh Sue, you are so inventive.
    Tell Pops, your "lack of vision"....Too bad.
    Mine... "very good"!!!!
    Steve re-did an old two wheeled truck (what I would call a dolly) with old lawn mower tires and a board extension. Much easier to pull/push containers at the shows.