Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Sister's Absence/Guest Blog

Isn't she a cutie?
My sister,Vicki, of "My Favorite Things" has been away from her computer for awhile due to illness and other circumstances at home. She has been staying with her eldest daughter,Becky, and her family for awhile now.During the time she has lived with Becky, Vicki has been struggling with some type of mysterious medicl issues. Only within the last year did she learn that her problem was Fibromyalga.It has been an up hill battle, trying to get relief since she has been out of work for awhile and has no insurance. She has been doing a lot of reading and trying all sorts of natural home remedies and experimenting with various diets in hopes of getting some releif.She had been working with her daughter and son-in-law in their store,but the job she was doing, required a bit of lifting, and it has become impossible for her to continue on with it,so while she was laid off from her job, she has been helping around her daughter's home, in whatever way she could. Becky and James have two boys, so Vicki has been helping to oversee them some, while their parents are working.Then,Becky became unable to work due to a miriad of strange symptoms. Becky  had been seeing doctors of all kinds trying to get to the root of the problem.Between the various doctors, they had her on several different medications, some of which seem to be going against her.Finally,one of the doctors discovered that she had some severe damage to her spine in the neck area,which he thought needed immediate medical attention. Surgery.The surgery would be a very delicate procedure where they would go through the front of her neck,behind the larynyx,etc.Our brother had the same surgery a few years ago, so they were communicating with him as to what all the procedure entailed.It sounded like a very scary thing to go through, but ,Thank God,she went through the surgery and is recuperating well at home. They were so blessed to have Vicki there to help when and where she could,as well as Vicki's younger daughter,Beverly, who has recently married and is living only a few hours away.Beverly came to tidy up things with the house while Vicki was staying in the hospital with Becky during her surgery and recovery time.With all the this going on, I am sure Blogging is one thing that had to be put on the back burner. Hopefully, Becky and Vicki will both be back on the top shelf soon.We can't wait to have her back blogging again.

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  1. when it rains it pours doesnt it. wishing her a speedy recovery. hope your own issues are ok sue.