Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Entrance to my Potting Place

Now that two thirds of my life has passed, I think more and more about the one main regret I have had in my life. I am in a little different place at the present, than most folks my age, so I know others may have a different point of view,but that's what makes the world go round. If everyone wanted the same things out of life, they would all be lined up,wanting Pop. He was a real "find". Many of the ladies of the world,at least in my area, feel that way about him.I just happen to be the lucky gal that caught him.(And no laughing,Connie.)Nevertheless,back to my one main regret. 

One never really knows what his or her passion will be until they have had the chance to experience many things in their life.In most cases, at least for my generation, one had to take a job, to sustain themselves and possibly their families,the minute they were out of school, and in many cases,before finishing school,or instead of school.We had no real opportunity to pick and choose a profession that we would really enjoy. And I mean enjoy to the point where we would jump out of bed each morning, tickled to death to get to spend another day working with your most favorite things in the world to do.That is the regret I have most. I ended up in a job at 30 years of age, that was close,but as the years went by and the government got involved, the fun went out of it. I was working with foods, with children, with people,with my art,with my research.All of which were my passions at that time, or so I thought. I guess one's passion can change,as do so many things during a lifetime.It depends on many circumstances as to what yours will be during any given time frame. I had no children of my own, and that gave me the freedom to do things that others,with children,did not have the luxury of doing,nor did I need to have three meals a day on the table at set times.Those two things alone can limit you as to how much time you can spend on your passion.Pop always worked away,during the first twenty years of our marriage, and I worked,too, so things were a little different then. We did have a routine which we needed to adhere to during those days.We had things that needed to be done on our little farm,whether we had the energy at the end of a long hard day,or not.That took a lot of the fun out of life itself. Knowing you had to do certain things,whether you felt like it or not.But now, we are both retired and our time,for the most part, is our own. To get up early,if we choose, or to sleep in, if that be your choice for the morning.We usually choose to get up early,especially during these long hot days of summer. It is so nice and cool,in the early mornings,and the wildlife are out stirring,since they,too, know that later in the day,it will be too hot to do much.We sit and enjoy watching all of their comings and goings for a few minutes,before starting our own day.Then we are both off,in different directions,spending the day,enjoying our passions.Pop's passion is mostly socializing.He loves to talk, so anywhere he can find a few folks gathered together to talk with,that's where he'll be.If not the local restaurant or gas station,then you'll find him at any of the neighbor's homes or the neighboring maintenance garage.Pop has done, and can do most anything,so he can jump in and help a little, with most jobs,whether it be working on a bulldozer, or setting or stripping tobacco.He doesn't mind pitching in on whatever job,folks have going on,when he stops by.Folks are always looking for free labor, and even if Pop doesn't do any real work while he's there, he can boost the moral of the work crew that is working,just with his never ending stories.As for myself,I can spend my days doing whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment. I mow the grass,not because it needs mowing most days,but because I love mowing. There is something about the feeling that I get when the yards all neat and trimmed. Now if I could only get my many flowerbeds looking as neat and orderly. I usually work on one bed at a time,trying to make it a little neater,but I will end up,jumping off to another project before that job is completed. I hate that in my self, but I never tire of any one job that way.When I am rested from using that part of my brain, I'll get back to my original job.At least,that's my explanation for why I jump from job to job.Although it shouldn't really matter, I hate for the neighbors and passersby to think that I am simply to lazy to clean the beds.So many times, I have passed the yards of others,that are in utter disarray,and I thought how lazy those folks must be.If your yard looks like that, you must be lazy. That has to be the reason for letting one's yard look the way it does. I never think about it being an elderly person who is no longer able, or a single young mother, trying to raise two or three young children,alone,with their worthless dad,Heaven only knows where.It's sad to say,but my only thought is how worthless that dweller must be.Therefore, I don't want others to think that of me.I have over loaded myself with multiple flower beds over the years, because i love flowers so. Now that I am older, it is really hard to keep up with them all. My goal nowadays, is to bed most of them down with mulch or something of that nature,so there won't be any need for cleaning the weeds and grass from between the flowers.That is one of my goals,but so many other things I want to do, keep popping up on my path to my intended task.I don't worry so much about that problem,since every thing that pops up, is something I love to do,just as well.Therefore my days are fulled to the max with everything related to my passion.

So to sum it all up, the one thing I regret the most in my life,is not having the insight and the opportunity to choose a profession in which I would do just what I have been speaking of. To possess the desire to jump out of bed and run to my job,thoroughly excited to be there,eagerly waiting to see what each new day would bring,and knowing that no matter what it would be,it would be something I truly enjoyed more than anything else in the world.


  1. even the perfect job has its "regrets" sue, ive done lots of the things i wanted to and put my heart and "soul" into it, getting up eager to be at work, and at the end of the day getting "screwed over" basically. I think retirement is the best option lol, then you get to do all the things but for yourself, thats the difference. when you work for someone, even in the best jobs, it is ultimately for their benefit.

  2. I agree with Brendie Sue. When you have to work for someone else it's not as fun as you might think. Thats why I have the soap co, at least to some extent I get to do as I please.