Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby,It's Cold Outside!

Pop and I drove to town today for a free complimentary breakfast. Masters Supply,which covers all plumbing and electrical type needs,has a breakfast each year at Christmas time, for their employees and customers,and we have a good friend,Mike, who works there, so we do visit their store when need any these types of supplies.Mike is like a son to us. As a matter of fact, he introduced us,with a chuckle,to some fellow employees,in passing, as his parents.That makes you feel good to know someone feels that way.There are lots of younger folks in the community who tease us with that, and it does make you feel special.Nevertheless, I asked Mike to take a picture of us, and then he wanted one with me, too.
No need to do any Christmas shopping today, so we headed straight home,or so we thought. I spoke to my brother,Jerry, who is in from Georgia for a few weeks,with the intention of inviting him over to make Christmas candies and fruit cakes for the holidays. I know he is bored to tears staying in at Mom's big house all day, with nothing to do.So many of the family have to go on with their lives, they can't afford to stop work to entertain him, so I thought I would invite him over to my house. I know how bad it is to be cooped up with none of your hobbies to pacify yourself during down times.He loves working with wood crafts and cooking, so I was pretty sure he would enjoy spending some time with me, and doing those kinds of things.The weather is really bad with the cold and the snow,it was 0 degrees this morning,at our house, so it can be treacherous on the roads, but we went out and the roads seemed passable enough for him to make the trip of 20 miles.His truck is leaking oil, so he opted to check with his twin brother first, to see if there was any plan in the works to fix it.That takes first priority.I stopped by the Dollar Store and picked up lots of supplies, just in case he does come.If not, there'll be another day for candy and cake making. I do enjoy doing those kinds of things together with family.That is what makes good memories.I'll be spending my day making more Christmas gifts,after I feed and water my few chickens.That is the only outdoor chore I have left for awhile,since the goats are gone.Pop will be traveling to Tennessee with a friend today. I hate for him to make that trip, but it is one of those trips where he feels obligated,to help out a friend.I hope they're careful on those roads.Hopefully, the main roads will be clear.Stay warm and safe! Happy Holidays,all!

P.S. I forgot to mention. Mike is doing the cooking,for the breakfast, and he said he would save the fat drippings for me to try my hand at making a batch of lye soap.


  1. Those are nice pictures of you, Pops and your "son" Sue. Good luck with the lye soap. It should work out just fine. :)

  2. Sue- I hope your brother gets to come by and help.
    Sounds really cold there, we are getting down in the 30's at night but they say it will be in the 70's tomorrow. Texas is crazy, the saying here goes something like this, if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes, it'll change.