Friday, December 10, 2010

That's My Kind of Craft Room

I would love to post the picture of the craft room on the post I'm speaking of, but with so many do's and don't about copying pictures, I decided against it, but after reading the post from Unclutterer this morning, I wanted to comment on my situation. I agree with much of what each has said. My goal that I am working toward at the present, includes lots of white. Covey holes were my initial plan, but now I have found some really nice units where I have some of my special cabinets and the like,custom built.Now my plan has shifted just a bit.My craft room is really nice, but I,too,feel like I am in a cave at times. That's why I tend to drag my projects to the main part of the house to work.Bad idea.It always looks a mess. That was my reason for wanting a craft room,separate from the rest of the house.I could be a messy as necessary in my craft area, and come out and shut the door. No one would be the wiser.The main house would remain neat,but that's in my dream world.I keep hoping there is truth in the statement"If you can perceive it, you can achieve it."

I have no windows in my craft room and that is probably why it feels like a cave, but I do have a plan to fix that, too, when I get that far along. A nice outdoorsy mural on the wall and possibly a mirrored area. Both should make the room feel more open.These are some of my ideas in my head, and I keep hoping to bring them to reality as time goes by.I am in the process of making some drastic changes in my life, in order to make more time for my crafting.I'll comment on that in another post, and No!,it's not a divorce,although that could be down the road, if I don't clear up some of my clutter. Stay tuned.Happy Crafting!

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  1. Oh my! I looked at that craft room--- that has to be just for pictures!!! LOL No person who is actually creating things in that space- it's way too clean. I have included a link to a small portion of my Scrap Shack- I tried to clean it up for that picture- but you can still see-- it's FULL of stuff!!! It's ok- be as crafty as you want- the eternal search for organization is within all of us!!! have a great day!