Monday, December 13, 2010

An Early Gift to Meemaw

The kids are off today with all the snow, so they asked to come to Meemaw's house.Pop went to get them since the roads are pretty slick, and I don't like to drive with those conditions. He does great,no matter what kind of weather.Leah and I worked on crafts for a few minutes.We are making napkin rings for all of the guests on Christmas Eve night. That is when we have our big meal and open gifts. Then Christmas Day, they can each have Christmas with their own immediate families or the inlaws,etc.It works good for us. Never the less, we have all been working with the kids, trying to get them to stop fighting between themselves. I truly think they do it, because it is something to do. I don't think they are really doing any serious fighting,but it does get to be too much when they are with us or their Aunt and Uncle. Well, today, I had John to ask me"Do you like the way we are not fighting,Meemaw?" So by that, I figure they have had a little lecture from Mom and Dad about the fighting.I let him know that was one of the best presents they could give me. I love to keep them both when they are not fighting.Otherwise, I will have to demand that only one at a time,come to visit, and they don't want that. Leah stayed home yesterday, since she had not finished her homework,and I was sad since she didn't come,but that seems to get their attention quicker than any punishment they could get. They love coming to Meemaw's.


  1. Isn't it wonderful how the grandkids love to come visit.
    Your post on laughter was great and so true, you really do have to be careful what you say
    I'm playing blog catch up again.

  2. We are out for snow as well. Possible out for a few days, I would bet. We handle Christmas much the same. We all gather on Christmas Eve and then each do our own thing on Christmas Day.

  3. If Meemaw's not happy, no one's happy! :)