Thursday, December 30, 2010

Following Jim

I found a fellow who is blogging,via Suzanne's blog. I thought perhaps I would check his blog out, just to see what guys blog about. I didn't realize that many fellows cared about blogging. I guess there are many more than I thought.Another thing that caught my eye with Jim was his face page with himself and his horse, and the fact he lives in Colorado. I have never been to Colorado, but Pop has a first cousin who does, and he has begged us to come for a visit forever. Then,too, Jim seems to be into hunting and camping.Pop goes out there on occasion to visit with the cousin and his brother, and their families, for various reasons,usually hunting and camping, but I have never been. The closest I have been to Colorado is by using Virtual Google Earth. That is a great site to see where others are located. I use it a lot to check out my blogger friends home areas. That is probably the only way I will ever see the world. I was born and raised in Kentucky, and have never moved from the state in my entire 62 years,and hardly left the county. That's sad in a way, but when I can blog and learn about other countries via my blogger friends, I don't think it's so bad. I do love blogging and meeting new friends. Jim, I hope you nor your wife are not concerned about me checking out your blog so extensively. You,Gavin,and Andrew are the only guys I have ever attempted to follow. Andrew does not interact with me at all, but I check his blog out on occasion. He is into reclaiming wood and making it into fine products.I,too,love working with wood. Gavin is into a really green life(by the way Gavin, I heard on the TV yesterday, that Al and Tipper may be parting ways after 40 or so years of marriage.I hope it wasn't due to his desire to be so green).I try to live as green as I possibly can. I have not read all of Jim's entries yet, but will read more along the way. It is nice to read words that have been written by a man and find that his interests and lifestyle are so similar to my own,being raised so far apart, but then I find that to be true the world over, with men and women alike.We are all alike in so many ways we live and think, it boggles the mind.I have enjoyed reading some of Jim's posts.Check him out at Granddad's Corner Hopefully, I will gain another good blogger friend.Happy Blogging and a Peaceful Fulfilling Year to all!

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  1. google earth is wonderful isnt it, i also been to your place (Hehe) via the internet.
    Ive got a few male bloggers that i look at, but i have been browsing a few more of late to find more of a balance in my reading. off caravaning for a few days, will catch up on return