Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Many years ago, I learned about the Ultimate Chopper through a television commercial. It looked so handy,I just had to have one, and I wanted my family to have one,too. I think I ordered 5 that year.I didn't realize I could save myself a ton of money by ordering them all at once. I ordered myself one first, and loved it so, I ordered one for my Mother, then I ordered two more for my two step daughters, and one more for my co-worker's Christmas gift.I used mine until the blade broke,after many many uses later. Low and behold, a friend of my family's passed away, and I was offered something of hers for helping with the packing of her possessions for the final sale.She had an Ultimate Chopper which had a few more accessories than mine.Hers included a blender,so naturally I chose that set.I do believe, I have used that chopper more than any gadget I have ever owned.
My Mother spent the night with us,and the entire day today,helping me to get ready for my family's Christmas Gathering.This is my year to have the big meal. We have been rotating around our three homes, since both girls are married now and have homes and families of their own.Nevertheless, we prepared everything we possibly could prepare in advance. I made Cranberry Relish. I chopped the cranberries, the apples, the oranges, and the nuts.We made a sweet potato casserole. I put everything in the blender and pureed it till smooth.Then I chopped the nuts to go in the topping.For the peanut butter balls, I chopped the graham crackers into crumbs.I do not think I could manage if it were to break. I would be on the phone tomorrow ordering a new one.Mom uses her as much as I do. With her age, and then not wearing her teeth half the time,(I'll bet she'd rather I hadn't that told)she cannot eat a lot of things, so chopping lots of her foods, helps her tremendously.If my chopper were to go out tonight, I would definitely be on the phone or computer, ordering myself another,tomorrow. It is simply one of those gadgets I cannot do without. It ranks right up there with my Bunn Coffee Maker,my curling iron, and blow dryer.What would we do without these modern gadgets.I suppose we would survive,just as we did before these and so many other modern day gadgets came into our lives, but I sure hope I don't have to try, any day soon.

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  1. Good to know that at least one of those "as seen on TV" gadgets lives up to the hype.

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas, Sue. :)