Sunday, December 12, 2010

How many chuckles does it take?

I have read many times, in many articles, that laughter is healing,and I am a firm believer in that statement.There are classes for laughing,there is Laughter Yoga,Laughter clubs,and I'm sure there are plenty of others you could find,so there must be some truth to it. The reason I've chosen this for my topic is....I find myself chuckling a lot these days. In the years past, when asked "What's so funny?" ,no matter whether it be during the day or the middle of the night,in most cases, it was something one of the grandchildren had done or said. That went on for years. Then it was something our dog,Sarah, had done. Then it was something the cats had done that day.Then it was the pet chicken or the goats.You know how you'll be all alone and suddenly something strikes you as funny. Something that has happened that day or in the last few days,that lingers in your mind,and you find yourself in the middle of a quiet chuckle.I do this a lot nowadays, and in most cases, it is something from one of the many blogs I read on a daily basis. We have no clue as to how our words may be affecting others.Sometimes it's words of comfort, when a blogger friend has lost a loved one, or simply a word of encouragement when someone has had a bad day.Or maybe a kind uplifting word or two when someone seems down and blue. Not only is laughter healing, so are the comforting words from a close friend. We, as bloggers, have found lots of good friends, who are willing to share common ideas,thoughts,and even their pain.We,at times, do not realize how we are helping others with our words,so we must choose them wisely, for our words are so very meaningful to someone out there in blogger world.I would never deliberately use my words in any way to hurt others,or bring someone down,but sometimes a misspoken word can cut to the bone,without you ever realizing it.I hope the words in my posts bring some laughter and joy to other bloggers at times.Although times get rough,on occasion,and we can still find a bit of humor in it all, we will surely get through it. Hopefully,some of the things that strike me as funny, will seem just as funny to others. I enjoy taking a tiny peak into the world of others, and hope they do mine. Even though so many of us are so far apart, we still are so much alike in our day to day lives. To all of my Blogging Friends,I'm sending you warmest wishes for a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season.


  1. I too have discovered in the last few months how important all my new friends are. they have helped when I have been down and everyday, someone will make me laugh.

  2. What you say is very good advice, Sue. I often re-read my posts before I publish them just for that reason. I do so enjoy your blog and your upbeat attitude. Have a wonderful day, my friend! :)

  3. Nice one Sue. Laughter is the best medicine. I often find myself giggling at things that I find funny. Others around me just think I am a bit odd.