Monday, December 6, 2010

He Would Have Been So Proud!

Yes, Michelle's Dad(my oldest sister's husband,of Nails in My Pocket)) is no longer with us, but it was his wish for her to go on an further her education,hopefully,in Nursing, which was her desire at the time. But with Life's little twists and turns, she has found her niche in another field, which proves to be quite satisfying for her,and that's the name of the game. To make as much money as possible, yet by doing something you truly enjoy. Then it doesn't seem like work at all, and you love getting up each morning to get started. I know the feeling. I had a job like that for many years. I never questioned the total amount my check each month,because the money was just an added bonus.I was spending my days, doing something I truly enjoyed.What could be better. I have said many times,The youth of today, have the option of waiting for a job they enjoy,whereas when I was young, we needed to get a job to survive.Any job.Not so much so, for the last few generations.They can afford to be a little more choosy when it comes to their life's profession.Michelle has been working at their local jail for several years now, and at the same time,has been taking evening classes.It has been a struggle, especially with 3 boys to raise, and a husband who is not there at all times, to support her.She has done it with the help of her Mother, who has stood by her through thick and thin. There have been a few stumbling blocks along the way, but together they have overcome them and carried on.Our hats go off to all of the family that has been there and supported her through it all.Our family has been through a similar process with one of our daughters, so I know where they are coming from. Congratulations,Michelle! We Love You and we,too,are proud of you!


  1. I got the email too...isn't it GREAT!
    I think she looks just like her mom in that picture. Don't you?

    until later...V

  2. Yay for Michelle -- always glad to see someone work towards their goals and achieve them. Support of family is so important. :)