Thursday, December 30, 2010

It just ain't happenin'.

Ellie Mae refuses to live with the chickens. Or should I say Pop refuses to let him live with the chickens. Ellie has paced the fence all morning. So much so, Pop thought it was wearing him down,so he broke over and let him out of the pen. Back to the door he came, wanting in for his daily snack of cat food,the kind in gravy,in those little foil pouches.He has eat that since he was a chick of two or three days old.
I never saw a chicken that would let you pick him up and pet him like a kitten,but Ellie will, if you pick him up just right.
We'll have to come up with another plan on getting him use to "the girls".He's not taking to them just yet.

1 comment:

  1. Sue this is such a sweet story. when latesa was little she had a pet chickren and she would swing it and also just carry it around, when she sat down with it it would sleep in her lap.