Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is Ellie Mae Smarter than the Average Chicken?

We have never raised and became attached to a chicken like we have Ellie Mae.We will need to come up with another plan on how and where to keep HIM. Yes,it turned out He was indeed a rooster, after weeks of calling him Ellie Mae.Several of my blogger friends had similar cases where they had named pets and found out later in the game that they were the opposite sex from what they originally thought.They left the name as it was, so we are doing the same.(although he gets called lots of other things when he get on our nerves,which is quite often)He thinks he is a house chicken,which of course, he was until he outgrew the cookie jar.Then he was a garage chicken until it became unbearable to use the garage without someone(ME)cleaning for a day.Whenever the coffee drinkers are here, he jumps on their laps wanting whatever he thinks they are eating.He gets to be more worrisome than cute.He paces from door to door wanting in the house to get a snack.
Today being Flea Market Day,although we do have a slight rain here,Pop took the other 4 roosters,which we had raised from chicks, out of the main pen,in hopes of putting Ellie Mae in with the hens.(Pop had hopes of finding someone at the Flea Market who needed roosters, since we don't have the heart to kill and eat them,being pets,you know.) Well. the plan for putting Ellie Mae in with the hens, is not working out so well,yet. I took HIM and a pan of house scraps to the chicken pen,turned the hens out in the pen,gave them the scraps to scratch around in, and came out,closed the gate, and went back into the house. I worked around the house for about 5 minutes, then I decided to open the door to take a peek at how he was doing with his new flock. In the house he came.How he got out of the pen,and that quick,is a mystery to me. I'll try cropping one of his wings, just in case he flew over the fence.You'll just have to watch for an update to see how this unfolds.


  1. Good luck with Ellie Mae. Too funny that she turned out to be a he!!

  2. Sue, A good story, You might has to put a roost pole in your house! Kept us posted on how ellie Mae (he) does.

  3. Glad to hear you kept the name -- same thing happened with our female cat, Jack.

    Can't understand why Ellie didn't want to stay with the hens. Maybe he's saving himself for Mrs. Right. :)

  4. Pop thinks Ellie doesn't realize he's a chicken yet.
    It may take him a few days to adjust. We'll keep trying, although it is nice to have him spoiled to us they way he is.
    We will miss that once he realizes he's King over the flock.