Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Christmas Gifts for Others is Fun!

Today was my day to have the Grandchildren over. Leah turned 10 on the 15th, and she is taking more interest in sewing now. She has always loved dabbling in crafts with me, since she was big enough to take interest in anything. I am so glad she does.Crafting is not in her family's blood on either side, that I am aware of, and I am really her step grandmother,although she is a bit young to grasp all of that just yet.I know it has to be in your blood to want to do any particular thing, but I also believe environment plays a part in what you end up trying and wanting to continue on with.Hence, I try to encourage her to try everything I enjoy.She has always been eager to try, although her interest span was not that long.But now that she's getting older, she works with each project a bit longer. Today we made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I think that was new to her. She evidently was use to making them from a box of premixed cookies.I didn't really understand the method she was describing to me that her family had used with her on other occasions.Possibly, a premixed roll of cookie dough from the refrigerated section of the grocery.I'm not real clear on the type she had made before, but nevertheless, she left me to finish the cookies, while she went on to work on another project.
The project that had captured her interest was the little lap boards(pictured above) I had been making. I made one for myself, then one for each of the grandchildren. She had taken a liking to these little boards, and wanted to make one for someone special, as a Christmas gift,namely a young man who has taken a shine to her over the last year.One of the many childhood crushes I'm sure she will have in her lifetime.We worked on a few of the little boards today,in between spurts of her acting as "Waitress" to serve coffee drinkers. She loves that job,too. It may be because they brag on her, and even give her an occasional tip or two. That would encourage any of us.The little lap boards are such a pleasure to make, and in making them, I use up a lot of fabric,which is definitely a good thing,in my case. I am desperate to move more fabric in whatever craft I can.This seems to work great.I hot glue one layer of something not so appealing, and then choose something more appealing for the outer covering. I have used mine many times already, and I am so in hopes they will find their very useful, too.I feel this has turned out to be a great craft idea for us all.Something useful and pretty,plus it is helping me to move some of my supplies along.The kids will be out of school for several days now, so hopefully we can get in a few more good crafting days.I'm sending my Wish for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season to all my blogging friends.


  1. The lap board does sound like a great craft project. Glad you had a nice time with your granddaughter.

  2. the boards look lovely. hard to imagine ready made cookie dough, its something foreign to us, only seen in american movies.
    we have the odd packet of cake mix, but they taste "weird". I think the "in your blood" is because that what we are brought up around. ive just got my tote bags to make and im done, phew.

  3. Sharing your knowledge with your granddaughter is something she will be sure to appreciate for years to come.

    The lap boards are a great idea!