Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back From the Auction

Well, we're back from the auction. It was no where near over, but it was a bit nippy in the auction house. They had black plastic up for the walls, but it was still a tad chilly.They had one very small gas heater over in one corner to warm the customers now and then, as they walked around checking out the merchandise.The air was filled with some of the wonderful smells coming from the food booth.Pop and I both got a nice big juicy deluxe hamburger and a cup of hot chocolate.That really hit the spot since we were getting a mite cold and hungry.We mingled with a few friends and meandered around looking at all the animals.There were rabbits, ducks,many roosters and hens of all kinds, one mother hen with 4 new baby chicks,turkeys,pigeons,one small pony pulling a cart,jams,jellies,fruit,pumpkins,cakes,honey,sorghum,sweet potatoes,tomatoes,crocheted items,there were cookie and various other mixes in a jar,quilted items,camping gear,boots,various types of quaint things used on a daily basis by the Amish folks,numerous pieces of Amish built furniture, and many other items waiting to be sold.They even had a few home made bags similar to the ones I am making to hold the children's gifts under the tree,but I felt that would be cheating, so I didn't bid on them. I figured I just go on home and work on my own.
Pop stayed out in the animal tent, while I visited the household and miscellaneous tent.After about 3 hours, we decided we would leave,but the auction was not even half over. If there had been something we just couldn't live without, we would have stayed,but I took my 1/2 bushel of oranges, and he took his rooster and hen, and we went home. It was a nice outing, but I'll take our wood stove at home all snuggled up in our warm fuzzy blankets,any day.

P.S. I forgot to mention. Ellie Mae got real busy preening herself when we introduced the new couple to her.(pictured above)


  1. I too have to get into my sewing room, we are fast running out of time before christmas. I love auctions, there is one here most thursdays, no livestock though.

  2. Welcome to the new chickies! I'm sure Ellie Mae welcomes the company. :)