Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pincushion pics

Nancy, here is a better picture of my little pincushions.The first ones I made are a bit larger. I used tuna fish cans and the like as bases back then. Then I started using rolled up cardboard as the base, now I am using rolled up stiffer fabric from anything I can recycle. For my present pincushions, I am using some chair covers I had used on the porch, which the sun had bleached too much to reuse in any other manner.I cut it into strips, and roll it up as I do the woolen fabric I use for the top half.The top half has to be something a pin or needle will slide into easily. I learned that early on when I used fabric softener dryer sheets for my stuffing. Needles do not penetrate that material easily, if at all.(That was before I quit using the dryer sheets.Something in them gives me a headache.)
I tried crocheting the covering for the first ones I made,too,but found that the needles went plum down into the cushion. Pretty enough,but not my best idea.I keep trying new things, and so far,enjoy making them the way I am now. It is very calming for me to sit and piddle with the little things while watching some of the old Westerns with Pop late at night.He usually falls asleep anyway, so I just continue on until I get sleepy, working on my little pincushions.That seems to be my winter's project this year.Hope the new picture helps.


  1. I have to say I really like the crocheted ones -- too bad they didn't work out as well. All of them are really cute, Sue. Have you ever made any out of sardine cans? How about the old zinc canning lids?

  2. No, I haven't tried those yet.I was using gallon milk jug tops, but don't even use those every time now. They work up just as good without anything under the bottom. I put the little magnet under the fabric that covers the bottom, and it works great that way.

  3. Very cute, also you can use little open top container like the little fancy coffee cup or just any little thing you fine at the flee market or thieft shop. I thinkd you have got a good winter project going there.... Connie