Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hart County's 1st Annual Christmas Auction

Today is the 1st Annual Amish Christmas Auction. We have been attending this auction quite regularly this past summer, and have enjoyed it tremendously. Today being their first of this type, we definitely want to check it out. We have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere,visiting with many local folks who attend, and the wonderful food booth,which serves homemade ice cream,donuts,burgers,etc.cooked up and served by the Amish ladies.There is not a lot to do in our area, as for entertainment, but we have added this to our never ending list of Wonderful things We Have Found to do.It is very true, that there is very limited entertainment in our area, and maybe our age helps us to find many more things that we enjoy, than the younger folks, but we truly do, find many enjoyable functions to fill our down time.Probably more than we need.It's hard to get a lot done at home, when you are constantly running to these functions,but we do enjoy every minute we are there.Until my next post,Happy Holidays to All.


  1. Sounds like that would be FUN!Maybe some day hubby and me can go, we take a day at a time to do what need to be done. catch you later! Connie