Saturday, April 30, 2011


Picture of Beefsteak Tomato taken from Gurney's Catalog (their link follows)
I've been thinking a lot about tomatoes today. My brother,Jerry, lives in Georgia, and we talked for a spell on the phone today. Most of our topics were the many projects I have going.It's good to share your stories with someone who is like minded, and doesn't roll their eyes like they are bored to tears to hear about the things you do. I hate it when folks ask what I've been up to, then get bored when I begin to tell them. I think that is just plain rude. If you could care less what a persons been up to,don't ask.Find another way to greet folks. End of lesson in manners.Sorry bout that! It just slipped out!But I really do know folks like that.

Nevertheless, Jerry and I got on the subject of tomatoes.His tomatoes are already blooming.I have only planted 5 and the cut worms cut one down. I didn't toss it Teekaroo.I put it in a flower pot with some miracle grow dirt, and it should do fine. It should make new roots very quickly.This may not work every time,but quite often it does. Some times I put them in water first,until it forms new roots.We'll see how it does.

Now that Pop and I are getting older, and everything does not work as well as it once did,we need to do things a little differently,but Pop is like an old dog. You know the one. The one you can't teach new tricks.He wants to do everything the same way his grandmother did back in the 40's and 50's.Put out an acre of garden. Drive stakes and stretch string to get it straight.Stick poles up for beans.Who wants to do that much work,and especially at our age. I say stick it in the ground and mulch it good and keep it watered.The vegetables will eat the same.

Mom has a friend from her church that is elderly, and he has a method of growing all the tomatoes he and his wife need. He buys 3  or 4 indeterminate tomato plants.He draws a circle about a foot across. He drives 3 or 4 stakes around the outer edge of the circle.Then he ties the stakes together loosely at the top.The weight of all the tomatoes that will grow on the 3 or 4 plants could pull the stakes over if not tied. Gradually as the tomatoes grow taller,you need to tie them loosely to each stake.While the tomatoes are growing, you'll need to care for them,like normal,keeping them fed and watered in whatever method you normally use.I'd use composted dirt from the chicken pen, but you could use store bought Miracle Grow soil, if that's all you have access to.Or you might choose to water it occasionally with Miracle Grow water.The generic tomato and plant food is just as good,if you're watching your pennies.

I hope you enjoy your garden as much as I do.Happy Gardening.


  1. Oh tomatoes! My favorite part of summer.

  2. I can't wait to eat my very own tomatoes!

  3. I'm looking at a couple of weeks out before it's warm enough to plant. Supposed to have frost tomorrow.

    Looking forward to my first fresh tomater!

  4. We are still waiting for summer weather to last more than one day week, so our tomatoes are still in the greenhouse. I kind of over did it this year and have about thirty plants that I started from seed.

  5. I hope our tomatoes made it through the cold we had last night.

    There used to be a guy at work who would ask you how your weekend was and then not let you answer cause he was too busy telling you how HIS weekend was.

    Takes all kinds!