Saturday, April 23, 2011

(1)Lavender and (2)Following Teekaroo's Gardening Venture!

I have 2 topics for today. Lavender and Following Teekaroo's gardening venture.

(1) I found this picture at .It appears to be the kind I have growing in my flower bed. French Lavender.I have only the one plant and it appears to be older from the appearance of the stem. I am interested in learning more about lavender since I have been using lavender products from my friend, Terry, of uraniasinspirations . I have always known that I liked the fragrance, but never used it in soap until lately. I would love to multiply my lavender plant, if only I knew how. Lots of plants can be propagated from cuttings. Some need new wood,some need more mature wood. Some must be started from seeds. I plan to experiment with my one plant and do a bit more research on the subject. I see it pictured in catalogs,in long rows or in huge beds. Either way,I'll bet the fragrance is Divine when it is in full bloom. The truth of the matter is that I love to experiment with propagating plants of any kind.Many people go out and pay enormous prices for plants that they could have for free,if they only knew.

(2) I have been following Teekaroo of Daydreams of a Cowgirl  in hopes of helping her out with her little gardening project. I think she grew up on a farm, but now must live for a spell on a rented property where she does not have free rein for a typical garden.She has permission from her landlady to put out some 4 X 4 foot garden boxes,Square Foot Gardening style. I am anxious to see what she is able to grow in her small plots. It can be done.Not to the extent,one could produce in a typical garden,but enough to supplement her family's meals during the growing season,and possibly a few extra pints of tomatoes or squash for preserving.Squash is a prolific producer,if the vine borer does not wipe out her plants.It is best to plant squash seeds a week or so apart, to give the vine borer time to get through it's life cycle and beat him at his own game,but most folks don't worry so much about doing that. They just spray for the pest. I hope to find her an eco friendly spray in time for her to use on the pesty vine borer.There are eco friendly or home made sprays that would be great for her entire garden plot.I'll be doing some research on that,too.

Others who have dabbled in gardening for years may have some pointers for Teekaroo,also. I follow several blogs of gardeners,and I'm hoping some of them will be following her,too,and will offer her a few helpful tips as she goes along. She has gone to her Mother's farm for some composted soil to fill her beds. It looks as though she does has some knowledge of gardening and is headed in the right direction.Keep us posted,Teekaroo.

Teekaroo,you might like to check out this site.   You may find some tips there,too.


  1. Hey, thanks for the help. I am still learning about this gardening thing. I grew up as a rancher, so I know my way around a cow and horse, but plant life is a bit of a mystery sometimes. Gardening is certainly addictive though.

  2. I agree that it's addictive. I love my crafts, but if I had to choose my one passion,it would be gardening with flowers and garden plants.

  3. I love lavender but didn't have much luck growing it the last time I tried. I adore the smell of it.

  4. hi sue, love lavendar too. havent grown from cuttings for years but remember doing so, just planting in the soil the fresh tips like you can with lots of things. yeah gardening is such a buzz isnt it, seeing things grow and better yet being able to eat things youve grown yourself, so rewarding. have a nice easter xx brendie