Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wind,Rain,Tornadoes,Lots of Damage in Our Area.

I walked around the yard this morning in
my galoshes trying to find
some pretty flowers that were not beat
 to death by the heavy rains
we have been bombarded with here lately.
I did find a few, although
they are not looking their best. They are
bright and cheery,and that's
what I was looking for.Something bright
 and colorful to boost our
spirits around here after all the dreadful
storms had subsided
(for a few minutes anyway).

 It hasn't been that long ago, since
we were sitting in front of our TV,
watching the devastation from all 
over the world, wondering why we
 are sitting here with nothing bad
going on around us,while the rest of
the world is in chaos.Well, it seems
our time is here. We have been
having heavy rain,and I mean heavy,
and lots of unpredictable tornadoes
for the last week.Nothing like the
Carolinas, but tornadoes are bad anytime,
where ever they might be.

I have been scanning the Internet this morning,
viewing all of the homes and barns that were
destroyed or damaged, and there were several.
A lot of the damage we're hearing about,is
with folks that we know.Tragedies of any
kind are bad anytime,but it seems worse
when it happens to folks you know.
 Our local fairground was hit hard. Leveling
several of the huge buildings.One of the buildings
 there was a restaurant where I once worked
 while the fair was going on.
My son-in-law's Aunt's property was hit
hard,leveling several outbuildings there.I'm
sure we will hear many more
 stories of damage as the day progresses,
and they say there is more of
the same type of weather expected today.
This year's round of stormswill be
remembered for many years to
come,for this area.


  1. Sue, the roses and irises look lovely.
    I'm sorry about all the bad weather up your way.
    There were tornadoes all around us yesterday, luckily we weren't hit.
    my mother-in-law's area didn't do as well. She's ok but a lot of people aren't.

  2. All of your plants look great Sue. Hope you manage to stay out of the storms' path.

  3. Stay safe Sue. It has been a crazy time for storms in our area.