Monday, April 4, 2011

A Page From Daily Stepping Stones by Helen Steiner Rice

Helen Steiner Rice is one of, if not my most favorite, author.I have loved and enjoyed her inspirational cards for many years,even before I knew she had so many other forms of inspirational readings in publication.In the last few years I have fell heir to several of her little books and each one seems to bring me peace and comfort through the reading of her words.I have collected so many of her little books, I am never sure of just when or how I came into possession of any one, but I keep them close at hand,for times when I need an additional little bit of comfort and inspiration.Today when I returned home from the meeting with my new OB/GYN doctor,and found so many of my blogger friends had left their special words and thoughts,I looked for a verse that would let them know what a comfort their words are to me.It's just like opening my mailbox, and pulling out a handful of beautiful cards,or answering the doorbell,only to find a lovely bouquet of flowers,sent to me by my dear friends, wishing me well. Folks who don't do computers, will never understand how great it is to open your mail each day.They have no concept of the connections we have built up with our own special followers from across the world. I know Pop and my Mother think we have an addiction to the computer somewhat like an addiction to a Soap Opera, but I only wish they could realize it is so much more.We,with our Blogger world friends are so blessed.Thank you all, for your thoughtful comments and wishes.


  1. Sue, I do like Helen stiener rice also, I love cards that got a poems on them, they can be up lifting. hope you got some good news from your dr. and thing will be better.

  2. I agree with you Sue, my family doesn't understand the blogging either.
    It's a joy to have responses to what you post and you consider these people friends.
    Just like Connie above, she took the time to read your post and even cared enough to respond back with well wishes.
    Truly wonderful.
    I also hope you have good news from the Dr.