Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Not To Take Grandkids Along When Shopping!

5 chicks and 22 quail
We bought 22 quail at the auction Friday night. We already had the chicks from the Flea Market on Wednesday,a week ago.We had originally bought 12 chicks, but my sister bought 6 from us since we didn't need that many to start with. Nevertheless, we put the quail in with the chicks, and woke up the next morning to find one chick dead. We called Tammy at the feed store,and told her we thought we saw blood in their droppings. She thought it might be Coccidiosos,caused from a parasite in the gut of the chick,and they make a feed strictly for that.We didn't get an opportunity to go that evening, so we loaded the 2 grandkids up,since it was our day to keep them, and headed for TSC. M I S T A K E ! We had a roll of electric wire that we needed to return,from our goat raising days,which was $16.99.We had planned to return that and get a $4.99 bag of medicated feed. It didn't turn out exactly that way. We left the store with........

A $10.00 rabbit

Poultry netting $14.99

Water bottle for rabbit $2.99

Rabbit food $4.99
 All of that plus the medicated chick feed at $4.99, a toy for John at $5.49,Leah claimed the rabbit, A pretty giant size bird thermometer for myself at $6.99.I know the thermometer was my fault.It was so pretty and we had been wanting to get a BIG thermometer that we could see from across the yard on the garage wall. The one on the house porch doesn't seem to run true. We think  it's picking up on some heat from the house.
 somehow.To top this trip off, we came out the door of TSC and there was a friend of Pop's with her girls ball team,selling hot dogs and drinks to raise money for the team.There went another $8.00,but it was for a good cause.
Thank goodness for that $16.99 roll of wire we were returning or our total would have been $60.45.
I think the next time we go shopping, it will not be on a day when we are scheduled to have the grand children over.


  1. haha that is so funny! 22 quail!!! and ten bucks for a rabbit!

    whoo i would love to have you as a grandma!


  2. I'll be you are your grandchildren's favorite Grandma.. Good for you..
    Didn't know you could buy quail.. I haven't seen a quail in our area for couple years.
    Your post today was really funny and great reading.. Thanks.
    Have a Tiggeriffic day..ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  3. Uh-oh! What did Pop think of the purchases? :)