Friday, April 22, 2011

More waiting?

I might as well pull out my crocheting for a day or two.Looks like I will be on light duty for a few days,but
I went through my DNC in a snap. When I awoke from the procedure,the clock said 9 o'clock. I think the DNC took about 40 minutes.They found  some polyps. Who knew polyps would be in there? Not real sure, but it sounds like one of them was the size of a walnut.The mass on my ovary is a cyst,but he wants to watch if for awhile.No prior information to compare it with.We'll have it checked out in again about 3 months.The lab results on today's procedure will be back in a few days,so I'm waiting again. Hopefully, I'll be back on track in a day or two.I'll take it slow with no heavy lifting for a few days. In a way,that's music to my ears. There have been very few days in my life that I've heard those words. I'm ready for a little rest and another bottle of Ensure,but even that I'll take a little slower. Too much gave me diarrhea, when my goal was to be stronger for today's procedure.Oh well, live and learn.


  1. hope you get good result from the dnc, and back to normal fast... Take it easy and don't over do it...this will be behind you, and you will be doing some new project!!!!!

  2. Happy to hear your procedure is over.Hoping and praying your labs come back clear.Enjoy your time of relaxation and Happy Easter!

  3. Definitely sounds like some rest is in order. Keep your feet up!

  4. I'm happy that you are on the mend Sue! Rest up and take care friend! Happy crocheting...and Happy Easter to you and yours!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  5. Hope you take it easy this weekend and get all better! Hugs.