Friday, April 15, 2011

Teekaroo,this is to you!.

Teekaroo,you have been talking about growing a few vegetables in the limited space you have available.You say you have a 4X4 spot you will be using.If you have any sun at all, you might consider an indeterminate type tomato,one that climbs,in a sense,and has no stopping point like most hybrid tomatoes nowadays. Anything that climbs would be good to grow on the north side of your plot opposite the days sunlight.That way,it would not block the sun from the shorter plants throughout the day.You could grow a couple of tomatoes or a cucumber vine on a string or a fence or some type of support, on the north side of the shorter plants.It wouldn't be the worst thing to do, if you just let them vine over the edges of your 4X4 plot.One cucumber vine would produce plenty of cukes for salads all summer.You might grow green onions along the front edge of the 4 X 4 plot. They wouldn't block too much sun for the plants behind them, and you will be pulling them to eat shortly anyway.You could grow one hill of yellow squash and one of zucchini directly behind the onions. They will grow a little taller than the onions.Radishes and salad lettuce could grow along the east and west edges of your 4X4 plot.Directly in front of the tomatoes and cukes, you might grow okra or something that was taller than the squash, but shorter than the tomatoes and cukes.You get the picture. Taller to the back or north side,then choose plants a little shorter to go in front of each row.Leave plenty of space for the plants to fill out. As some mature, you could rotate other plants in as time allows. Gardening is not an exact science, so you'll just need to learn what works for you,as you go.With a little time and patience, you will figure out, what,where, and how many vegetables you can grow in your small space.

These are just some ideas.There may be other bloggers with ideas that work as well. Good Luck with your gardening venture.Keep us posted with lots of pictures as to how it turns out.


  1. Sue, how considerate of you to provide this information. I've been following along on Teekaroo's blog and haven't been able to come up with much to help her. This is great! :)

  2. Aw, shucks. All this for little old me? Thanks for the input. I hadn't thought of planting onions. Good ideas all around. I'm excited to see how it all turns out too, so you have no choice but to see it all on my blog. :)