Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Planter Box and Shelf

(4) Planter Box
(5)Corner Shelf

As you can see,my challenge of building something from wood,hopefully,six days a week,goes on, and these two projects are truly, new projects that I made today. See my unfinished pond in the back yard.That's another day's project,hopefully soon.Sorry about the unsightly clothesline and the rusty wire mesh. I hang some of the laundry out when the weather is nice.Saves electricity,you know,and they smell so good when dried outdoors.As for the rusty wire mesh, I usually have morning glories or humming bird vines growing on it. Privacy,you know.We don't have neighbors that are that close, but occasionally the one neighbor next door,can be seen really close to our property line working in his woods or on his fence.The property line is rather close on that side.About 100 feet from our basement door.I will be planting some tall ornamental bushes there this next week.

The lumber that I use in most of my wood crafts, probably 99 % of the cases, is wood left over from a bigger building project or else old lumber,scavenged from Pop's fire wood pile.Our neighbor had a roof blown off his shed,so he hired our Amish friends to rebuild the shed.He brought us the old barn lumber to use as fire wood. I know! Men have no concept of how precious, aged wood is to us crafters.That's why I must sneak out what I can, before it is cut up into kindling.Some of my projects are made from the already cut kindling itself,before Pop had a chance to stick it in the woodstove.Oh well,a woman's gotta do,what a woman's gotta do.
I don't really measure my wood exactly. I usually eyeball it, and try to make the corners match up as close as possible. I think that gives the project a bit of a quaint look,which is a good thing.I looked that up to be sure that word fits my thoughts. It means having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm.That works for me.I usually paint the project, and that covers a lot of flaws,making them less noticeable. What is it they say?
A good carpenter can always hide his mistakes. I do love those quotes.

I had to make a quick trip to my doctor this morning,for another minor problem, and she scolded me for doing too much,so soon after my little medical trip on the 22nd,so I had to move around a little slower today and not do so much lifting.I do hate being sick.That request is really tough for someone who is use to doing any and everything she needs done,at the time she needs it done.The grass is getting really high,but then it's still raining. On a normal day, I would mow in the rain,before I would let it get that out of control,but the Amish don't mow, and they are still breathing. Hopefully, it won't kill me, for letting it grow a while longer.

Today has come to an end. I should get to planning what I will build for tomorrow, if I were a planner,but I'm not. I'm a Spur of the moment kinda gal. You'll have to drop by tomorrow evening and see for yourself.


  1. Love this...matches my post on Crafty Life and Style this week...building with wood. I love that you are not intimidated by tools.

  2. Well Sue, you know my address, anytime you want to drop by you're welcome. I could use some planters and mowing. Just kidding!!!
    What do the Amish do, let it grow like me or graze it?
    I have a show this weekend so I'll
    read you on Monday.

  3. Life is spinning like a top for you..that is what I'm thinking.. Let the grass grow.. or do like the neighbors do ~ tie their horses to trees and they eat the grass.. Later you will see the horses have been moved to another spot in the yard.
    Wish I was handy with wood.. I would like to build birdhouses..
    Have a tiggeriffic day..ta ta for now from Iowa:)