Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Heads Are Better Than One......

Especially when one is a cabbage head.............No, just kidding!

(It's raining again, so I'll just post another entry on my blog.)

My older sister,Mary, and I, put our two heads together occasionally,to discuss what we're both up to.Sometimes we might hash out a problem or two,one of us might be having. Sometimes we just compare notes as to how to do one thing or another.Sometimes we may discuss recipes,but this particular day, we were discussing a "What if" scenario.

What if, for some reason,you were told you had to do away with everything you use in your spare time,but you were allowed to choose just one craft to occupy yourself for the rest of your life. Which one would you choose?

I chose gardening.I guess we should have said one for the summer and one for the winter.After I got to thinking about it, it came to my mind that gardening was a seasonal thing, and I would get pretty restless trying to get through the winter months. I know you can do some gardening chores indoors, for awhile,but not near enough to satisfy me,if I had no other craft to fall back on.She suggested I keep my wood working tools. Then I got to thinking. Yes, I would definitely be lost without my tools. It would be a draw as to which craft I truly do enjoy more.Once she got me to thinking about that, I decided I would try to make something from wood every day of the year. That would be a hard challenge to follow through on,but I decided to give it a try for awhile,at least. I have succeeded for 3 days now,making something each day. I know it will be next to impossible,but I want to give it a try.I may consider taking a break from woodwork on Sundays.I'll use that day to  cook something special or make something with fabric. I need to move a lot of fabric.
my planter box from scrap wood and roofing
(1)   Monday 4/25/11, I decided to make a planter box from scrap wood and roofing.The 2 X 10 pieces were pieces of scrap lumber I scavenged from the house building, and used them to support my shelving in the middle, where I stored my canned goods for 3 years.When I built my new canning jar pantry,I no longer needed the shelving,so I found other uses for all the materials in other places.The bi fold doors which were salvaged from the burned house, were used as my shelves. They are now reworked and are full doors on my new canning jar pantry.As for the support pieces, I will be making more planter boxes.The planter box holds a tomato plant for now and a few onion bulbs.Mary says her almanac list the two as companion plants. I would rather have a bright red geranium in that pretty white planter eventually,but the veggies will do for now. Hopefully,I will get a geranium soon,but for now while gas is so high,I'm not going shopping.

(2) Tuesday,4/26/11,was my second day of the challenge. I made a simple birdhouse.I noticed a few birds,acting a bit strange. I'm not sure if they were mating or fighting. It all looks the same some times. Nevertheless, I saw them,what appeared to be,fighting over a tiny bird house that I had hung up a few years ago,just for decoration,but that's another story.It was entirely too small to raise a family of birds comfortably.That is when I decided to build another. Both the hard shell beetle bugs and the birds have already landed her on our property in droves.It appears that it might be a really good year for both the wanted and unwanted this year. My new bird house is a little rough, but I don't think the birds will mind. I have lots of old barn lumber at my disposal,and I'd rather dispose of it my way, rather than Pop's way(we burn wood for our supplemental heat,you know).

(3)Wednesday,4/27/11,my fourth day of the challenge.I wanted another shelf on my porch to hold my
some-to-be planter full of geraniums. I had planter brackets for flower boxes on the railings, but the
sun gets so hot,and dries the soil out so quickly,I've scratched that idea.I'll take my shelf brackets and my planter boxes down and use them elsewhere.Possibly for more hens and chickens.They do so well in the heat of the summer.Nevertheless, the shelf which is holding the planter in the top picture,was my project for today. I have another corner in which to attach another shelf tomorrow.Hopefully, if the geranium idea works out, I'll have a pot of red geraniums in all four corners of my white railed porch.I can see it in my mind.Oh yes.You guessed it! I have another of my old stand by sayings for that. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” by W. Clement Stone. I do love that quote. I think I love W. Clement Stone as much. He has lots of great quotes.

Now I'm off to find another project to get into while Pop sleeps in front of the TV.He's had a rough day today,eating breakfast out with the daughter and son-in-law and a cousin and his wife,then struggling through the Flea Market in all that rain.Then entertaining 3 coffee drinkers for 3 hours this evening.I'm wore out just thinking about all that. I am so glad I have my quiet, peaceful time at home to do my crafts.I do love to socialize,but that is a bit too much socializing for me.Being a home body, ain't all bad.



  1. Pretty good Sue. I like the shelf and planter idea on the corner of the pourch.
    I don't use cutting tools much, my husband says I scare him when I do.

  2. Well, all of these projects just sound so like me -- can you come over and make some bird houses for me? :)

  3. YOU GO GIRL!!!! I'm also a homebody.....

  4. Very nice! i like the shelf in the corner! Might try it on my porch!