Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old Granite Pots and Pans Like Grandma Used

I have picked up all kinds of old granite pots and pans at the local auction for 25 and 50 cents a piece.You know the kind your Grandmother used which was always sitting there on a wash stand by the back door,along with the granite drinking water bucket and the granite dipper.Oh yes, and the granite soap dish with the bar of Cashmere Bouquet soap,that sent a fragrance all through the house when the breeze blew in through an open window,through the freshly washed white lace curtains. Yes, those are the kinds of old granite ware I'm speaking of. Most folks only want them if they are perfect,but it's rare to find a perfect piece at this particular auction where we go.
I'd say they have moved their good stuff to places where they

can get the most money.Peddlers Malls are usually good places to move those kinds of things. People from all over come to scavenge for real deals, in hopes of making a few more bucks, on down the road.Who can blame them. But then there are the folks who know what things are worth, and are tickled to make a real find to add to their collection. Then there are other folks don't have a clue as to what things are worth, but then again,they may not care. They may just want to move some of their

older stuff to make room for some newer stuff. But back to the old pots and pans. I keep "hens and chickens", and they sell good at yard sales and flea markets, and sometimes they sell better if they are in some type of quaint container.This is where I use a lot of the granite pots and pans like Grandma used. I love working with plants, so I am constantly           thinking of what I can put a plant in to help it sell better. I collect lots of   pretty cups. Many times,I'll buy a cup for 25 or 50 cents, only to get   it home and find a chip or a crack that I had not originally seen. Oh well, no matter. It will do fine for a starter plant of some kind.Good starter plants are usually                                                            
anything that will live in a small container,sometimes even in water alone,like philodendrons.Some times you can start herbs in small cute containers, then when the buyer gets it home they can transfer it to whatever they choose.I like to give folks starts of my Christmas cactus on occasion, and a pretty container is always nice.The things you can grow in small containers is endless.Take this old four wheeler tire for instance, not really that small,but it works great for a planter. I declare,I really must get started on myself a greenhouse. I've got my mind a reeling now on the endless projects I want to work on.Gardening and working with dirt has always been my real passion,but the weather makes it so unbearable most of the time, I don't get much of an opportunity to enjoy it.Either it is too hot or too cold,but now if I had a green house, I think I might be able to keep it at a comfortable temperature year round.I need to do a little more research on that,too,while I'm at it.These are just a few of the kinds of projects you might find me working with at any given moment of any given day.No rhyme nor reason to my daily schedule. It's just whatever I choose to get into that day.Ain't life grand!
And,oh yes,Leo Reams,if you're leading just a so-so life,you ain't doing something right.


  1. have you seen these teacup bird feeders sue?

    they look really neat and would make good use of old tea cups that you find.
    Life is grand isnt it!!!

  2. I don't know about granite pots Sue. I have purchased several enamel ones at the flea market though. I use them for making soap.
    Do you think they're the same thing? Or maybe I just think they're enamel and they're really granite?

    I couldn't sleep so I was going back through your blog to see what I'd missed during my soap making frenzy and because for some reason I thought Brendie made you an apron.
    Anyway, I'm all caught up now.

  3. You and I are alot alike, Sue. Whenever I burn up a canning pot, it goes into the garden as a planter. Same goes for tires. They make great planters for herbs or just about anything. :)

  4. Enjoy your blog on the plant and the pot with the hen and chicks is my favorite. All of your flower are so pretty around your house, you need to put pictures of them on your blog! You do need a green house! Is that pot and hen and chicks for sale? Have a good day!!!!

  5. I love scavenging at the local peddlars mall or antique mall. Old stuff is the best.