Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Visit With Marcella

Four of us girls,from the North Hardin graduating class of '66,got together Friday evening, and paid a visit to another dear friend from High School who is dying with cancer. One of the girls had been keeping in touch with her more so than the rest of us, and had learned of her illness, and decided we needed to visit.It turned out to be a really nice visit for us all.

A few weeks earlier, I had learned that Vine Grove was trying to start a public library,and I had already done some calling to get the particulars on that matter, but since it is so far away from me, I put off taking any books in,but now this was a perfect chance for me to do so. I went in an hour early,just in case I had trouble finding the place,but no problem. It was located in one of the older buildings that had once housed some of our classrooms during my high school days,at the original North Hardin High School. A portion of the school building had been refurbished and is now Vine Grove City Hall.I dropped off my book donations, and proceeded to meet the other girls at the new North Hardin High School parking lot. All arrived on time, and we headed for Marcella's home which was about half a mile from the school.
We had a very enjoyable meeting. We got to meet several of her family members who were coming and going throughout our visit.Our visit went very well, and although I was not sure I would attend at first, I am so glad I did.

When my visit was ended, I called Pop to see where he was at that moment.We had already made plans before this little meeting came up, so he went on with the original plan which was to meet at our local restaurant where they would be having a Bluegrass group coming to entertain the locals outdoors.So that's where I ended up for the evening. We sat and visited with several of the locals while enjoying the music for a couple of hours more, then headed home.All in all, it was a very nice day.


  1. I like your blog. Great Article....Daniel

  2. A very productive day for you Sue. Nice post. :)