Saturday, April 16, 2011

A New Venture?

Bobwhite quail

Last night was Auction night,and we came home with 22 baby Quail .Yes,quail. You can find just about anything at this auction. They are now considering having a goat and poultry night. Depending on the response from the public. It seems there is a lot of interest in the raising of small animals of these types on the smaller farms and limited acreage of the local folks. Everyone is trying to find other ways of making some pocket change on the side.Rabbits, chickens and goats are big business at the flea markets nowadays. Full grown turkeys at the Amish Auction lately, are said to have brought between $50 to $100 per bird. Unbelievable? I thought so,too.Well, I know nothing about raising quail, but I thought it would be a good project for the Grandchildren.I like to expose them to as many things as possible out here in the country on our little farm. I hate to see city kids grow up with no knowledge of what goes on in the rest of the world. I think farm life is a great way for them to get exposure to lots of interesting things that may help them down the road one day.Growing up the way my siblings and I did, is the way I'd like for my grandchildren to grow up. We were able to identify different plants from the time we were big enough to know anything.One of my step daughters was grown and did not know the difference between a tobacco and a tomato plant.That seems sad to me, but that's why they say "different stokes for different folks". Not all people are interested in the same things. I don't know that much about mechanics, but now gardening, and plants,I know.

Since we already had the set up for the baby chicks, I figured it would be just fine to put them in together. Remember!I'm learning as I go.We put them in together and it seems to be working out good, so far.I went out this morning and fed and watered them, and they all appeared to be happy and content with that arrangement.I bought a wooden hand made trunk,a few weeks ago at the same auction, which I had been using to store extra blankets and quilts, but today I will be converting it into a nice cage for the birds.The Potting shed that I was building day before yesterday,now is going to be their new home for awhile,but that's fine with me. It might be nice to have a little company while I'm potting up my plants.I wonder if they like Bluegrass music?

baby quail

*The above pictures were taken from the bing website.

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  1. These little quail are absolutely adorable!!!

    What a fun project!!!

    Love you bunches.....until later.....Vicki