Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Little Time.... So Many Projects!

I slipped away to the house a few minutes to get a blog sent off,while Pop goes with Cousins Keith and Larry,to the Amish sawmill to get lumber. Keith is in from his job, in Mississippi or Alabama,where ever they are now working,and Pop loves to get together with him and his brother,Larry,whenever possible.Keith comes home usually every other week,but sometimes once a month.He is in the process of putting a new roof on his personal home.

Pop has had me "hooked up" this morning. I can't complain though, because he is helping me with one my many projects. That is rare in itself.The only problem is he wants to be boss. I guess the end product will be Good Enuf but his way is usually not exactly the way I wanted it done.Nevertheless,we are in the process of covering a small dog run, 4X 6, totally with chicken mesh wire.We will be putting the entire run in my Potting Shed-to-be.Did you catch that? Sound familiar? Like the bed in my craft room? You get the picture?
I do love the idea, since the now, 21 quail, I lost one, are getting so gentle, they won't fly away from predators quick enough to avoid getting devoured,if we turned them loose.So now,and we're playing this all by ear,and I guess you know that's my way of doing the things I do, anyway.We'll see if they will set or even lay,in captivity. If all goes well, the grandchildren,as well as Pop and I, will have had a new experience under our belts.If they lay but don't set,there is the possibility of getting a small incubator. We have had one of those in the past.And that's another learning experience for the kids.I figure if they won't accept all the books I have collected over the years for them,I will teach them something,even if I have to go the long way around to do it,and Pop and I are truly enjoying it as much as the kids are,even though he would never admit it.

The above picture is of a few of my latest projects, just in case this is IT for the day.You remember the wood challenge! The 3 little birdouse wall hangings may be IT,for today,if I can't tear loose for anything bigger.I will cutesy them up with paint soon,hopefully.The painted one was my pattern.Leah hates it when I see anything in the shops or yard sales or consignment stores,and buy it to use as a pattern. Sorry,Kiddo! But that's the name of MY game.I love collecting things that I can immulate at home.
The wires are old timey,recycled clothes hangers,straightened,then cut into shorter lengths for hanging things,usually on the porch,but really,anywhere, like hanging flower baskets or bird feeders,etc.That brings them down to a lower level for easy access.

Pop has returned and I have not finished my job he left me with,so I'd better take him a fresh cup of coffee and maybe a few cookies.Tee!hee!Maybe he won't be to upset with me.

I will post a picture of the reworked coop and my quail,possibly tomorrow.


  1. I get tired just reading about your days.

  2. When I am feeling good, I hate to come in at night. I guess I'm feeling better,and eating less and better foods helps.

    I have a P.S. to my post.......The green fabric in the picture is a huge curtain I bought at a yard sale for a dollar and it is a fabulous piece of fabric.No telling what that fabric would cost new.I cut it into five pieces to make valances for my Big Room. We don't have a Great Room,just a Big Room.