Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Better Medicine....

It's hard to be blue,down,depressed, or even sick,when you step outside your door to mounds of lavender creeping phlox.I think I will move several more mounds of it, closer to the house where I can peek out and see it every spring when it blooms.  I wish it would stay in bloom forever,especially along side of the brilliant red, yellow, and purple tulips. It is a truly, a cheerful sight to behold.

Tomorrow is the day.The day I visit with my youngest stepdaughter's doctor that delivered our two grandchildren for her, about the tests I took a couple of weeks ago.She is a nurse, and she really likes this doctor, so she reccommended him to me.I have been waiting and thinking and worrying,but even that is better than knowing and waiting.Several of the girls in my family,nieces included, have had cysts, so I'm hoping that's all I have,if I have anything at all.Who knows? It may be nothing.But it's better to be safe, than sorry. I'll let him look over the tests I've already had taken, and he may want to take a few of his own.I've got good insurance, and I have lots of time,so what's the problem.

My older sister,Mary,of Nails in My Pocket, will be going with me. She's had enough medical problems for the entire family,but she's still going strong.Well,maybe not as strong as she once was,but go figure, at 64 years young.She tougher than a pine knot though, so hopefully she will be the strength I need to get me through this one day.

The grandchildren were both here today. Leah picked me a bouquet of tulips.She and John didn't pick at one another as much as they usually do. We are trying to break them from some of that,now that they are getting older,but I think it's a lost cause.We had some friends over this afternoon for coffee, and they have two grandchildren .One is in his first year of college, and his sister just got her driver's permit, and their Grandmother says they still love "picking" at each other.

Leah wanted me to finish my little rug I was working on. She wanted it for her bedroom. How could I turn down such a request.I finished it, and she took it home with her this afternoon.All in all, we had a wonderful,although a bit windy, day.


  1. i will cross my fingers for you sue. the tulips look lovely as does the phlox, but tulips are my favorite. do you think john would like his own pen from NZ?

  2. Will be thinking about you. Sending strength and good health vibes from Nebraska...

  3. The flowers look lovely Sue.
    My prayers are with you.

  4. I do hope you receive good news!