Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait!

It's a chilly 60 degrees outside today. Too cool for me to be out doing much. My thermometer stays out of whack most days anyway, without the help of Mother Nature. Either I'm too hot or too cold.

I bought a few plants yesterday just to play with until it gets warmer. I don't like covering and uncovering them,waiting for the weather to level out. I don't think you gain a lot anyway, by putting them out so early, but I am so anxious to get something  growing.I picked up some chives, basil, leeks, garlic,cabbages, a bell pepper,a Sweet 100 cherry tomato plant, and a Big Boy tomato plant.
I tried chives last year, and liked them, so I'll try them again.Seeds from my last year's basil plant may come up again this year on their own, but I got a new one,just in case.It really doesn't pay to mess with the cabbage,no more than we use, but I do like to see it growing.The leeks I picked up out of curiosity. I have never tried growing them before.I've had garlic, but I think it got misplaced(I forgot where I transplanted it) , so I got another small pot.Just a few things to play with in my soon to be Potting/Critter/Shed. Pop has decided we need to put the critters in there, too.You know the ones. The 5 chicks,the 22 quail,and the 1 rabbit. I have yet to construct a roof over my Shed, but my older sister,Mary, of Nails in My Pocket has offered to help me on that project, after my little trip to the doctor tomorrow.

I picked up a few bags of special dirt to get the plants going good.Composted Cow Manure,Miracle Grow Potting Soil,and a couple of bags of regular potting soil.It's a bit wet to get my own dirt from the chicken pen.

I don't have energy for much today.  Possibly my thyroid medication needs adjusting. I had the blood test for that yesterday. Pop thinks it would help for me to loose weight. Gee! That really boosted my spirits.
Losing a little weight would solve a few of my(our) problems, I'm sure, but did he have to say it like that,but then I don't suppose there are very many tactful ways to say "You need to go on a diet."It's a vicious cycle for me. I think I need to eat for more energy,but then I gain and end up with less energy.  It's probably that I'm eating the wrong things for energy,but rabbit food doesn't seem to sustain me.When you have work to do,you need real food.I can't seem to win for loosing.


  1. I'm trying to hold off on buying plants, since I don't really have a place to keep them before I plant. I did get one raised bed filled with dirt though, so I'm getting there.

  2. I so identify with what you're saying...

    I did sneak a few plants in as you may have noticed on my blog. This will probably be all I'll get planted. The rains we have had these past few days have really caused the tomatoes to shoot up. I'll have to take another photo to show you.

    I wish you the best on your latest adventure: quail, rabbit & chicks! I know the children will really enjoy it and will be all the better educated as a result!!
    However, please take care of your health!! I hope you find some way of getting everything to balance out. Did you ever go to see that Amish doctor you were talking about?

    You are always in my prayers!! You have such a servant's heart!! I love you very much and am so proud of you!!!!!

    Have a happy weekend!!!

    Until later...Vicki

    P.S. I'm reading up on getting my blog published...will keep you posted.