Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Time For Boredom Here!

Today,my plan is to fill my tire planters with my special chicken composted soil,and do a little more work with the edging around my flower beds. My older sister came by yesterday to pick up a few baby chicks, and she asked what I use on my soil that makes my flowers grow so good.I don't do a whole lot to the soil since everything you go to use is three prices, so I depend on my chickens to keep me in rich compost. I pitch all the grass clippings and leaves from the yard into their pen and they scratch it around until it is nice black crumbly compost,then I take my leave rake in and reclaim it for my yard projects.Pop's cousin and nephew both have huge chipper/mulchers,so I have access to plenty of wood chips at times. I'm getting low,but the weather is nice,and the fellows will be back to work soon,so I'm sure I'll get more shortly.The older chips have decayed quite a bit, so I'll transfer them to the chicken's pen to keep them occupied.We have been letting them roam a bit, but when gardens go in, they'll not be allowed out for awhile. The decomposed chips keep them busy scratching,looking for worms and bugs(and an occasional snake-I saw one yesterday-a tiny grey one with the yellow ring around it's neck-that kind are harmless-don't tell Pop).

The ticks are unreal already at my house.It was Pop's day to visit the Flea Market yesterday,and sometime during the day, he spoke to a man who is trying a new method for keeping ticks at bay. I am not real familiar with the product, and I'm sure it's not recommended for ticks on people, but he told Pop he was having good results with the ear tags used on cattle for flies.He said he attached one to each ankle with a string, and he had no ticks when he came in from mushroom hunting.It can't be any worse for humans than all the junk we've tried up to this point.I'm willing to give it a try soon.I've tried everything else. If word gets
out though, the price per tag will go through the roof,so I'd better hurry 
out and pick up a few.

I keep hoping,my friend Terry, will hit on some type of herbal mixture
to incorporate in one of her home made soaps,that will deter ticks.It's worth a try, and if it works,it will be a big seller.(Hint,hint!)


  1. Now that's a new one on me -- cattle ear tags. At least he didn't attach them to his ears. Haha!

    Whatever works I guess. :)

  2. Hey Sue, ticks don't like lavender or rose
    geranium, probably spelled that wrong, any way have to get back to work.
    Get back with you later.

  3. i was going to say we dont have ticks in NZ but then i thought i better check, just because ive never heard of any here doesnt mean we dont have this is what i learnt today, there are 850 species of ticks in the world, we in nz have 9. they affect cattle and deer. well well well, so we do have them, just not so well known. thanks to tv i had heard of them before :)

  4. ps we definetly dont have snakes at all, zilch, none, nil.

  5. Every thing is looking good over there. I have been cleaning flower beds and yes the tick are bad!