Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Must A Small Task Become Such Big Job?

Several weeks ago,I found these little things that are suppose to hold my canning jar pantry doors shut tight. Since I hung the doors,myself, they are not perfect, and tend to stay ajar just a bit.Nothing major, but I want them to stay shut tight.I have knobs for the doors, but they are mostly ornamental.Not functional,at all.Nevertheless, I proceeded to put one of the little buggers on, just to be sure they would do the job I wanted them to do. Sure enough, it worked perfectly,but now, here it is one month later and I still have not taken time to attach the other three.I can think of a thousand excuses why I haven't got to it, but needless to say,that won't get the job done.I simply didn't.I haven't been in the mood to work in the basement here lately. I can think of a gazillion things I want to do, but working in the basement is not on my list.I ,personally, think it may be the lightening.I have several fluorescent lights over head in each quarter, but evidently they are not the right kind of light. You know, the kind that you read about to fix the SAD syndrome.  I know I am grabbing for straws, but when you get down, you know what they say about a drowning man grabbing for a straw.Then, too, the weather has turned off colder than it had been for several days. That puts a damper on things for me,too.All I want to do is snuggle up in a fleece blanket, and sleep.And too,after caring for Pop these last few days,he is much better and now I am puny.I can't really say I caught it from him though. I mowed the grass Tuesday evening,out in all that pollen with no mask,then to make bad matters worse, I slept by an open window all night.Just a small opening, but still,more pollen.So now I am paying the price. And I thought we were suppose to get wiser with age.One good thing happened today for me though. I got a lovely package in the mail from my dear friend,Terry,at Uraniasinspirations. Now,I'll need a big stick to keep the ladies off of Pop when he uses his new soap and body butter.Yum! He smells so delicious when he bathes with that Ceylon Spice,and with the body butter,he'll smell twice as delicious.Thanks,Terry for a wonderful ending to my gloomy day.


  1. So glad you received something nice in the mail to cheer you up!

  2. Yes glad you got a little cheer me up packet!


  3. Hi, found you through your link to Frugal Queens website. Just popped in to say hello. Enjoyed reading your posts, your life is so different from mine in the uk. We have our frugality in common though :-)

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