Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Friends and Family are Indeed a Blessing!

To My Special Blogging Friends,
I don't run the roads like some folks, stopping at every little gas station, grocery store, or restaurant along the road, or sit with the locals, morning after morning, like clockwork, drinking cup after cup of coffee, discussing the news form every corner of the globe, but I am guilty of taking a few minutes out of every day (or should I say, most days) to add to my blog and read others from a few good friends. I feel the friends I make while sitting here peacefully, in my home, typing a few words, is indeed, sharing a free special moments with dear friends.Whether we see each other, face to face or not, I feel a good friend is out there somewhere waiting to check their morning blog, just as I am. A lot of folks hit the coffee pot the first moment their eyes are open. Well, maybe the second. The bathroom has first dibs, but during those first few minutes, anyway for me, I hit the computer's On button. No paper or phone for me. I get the paper, but hardly ever read it, beyond the obituary column, and I use the phone, when absolutely necessary, but very little.
If friendships were not that important, I doubt there would be so many quotes in reference to them. Here are a few quotes I found this morning. I love quotes.
Life’s truest happiness is in the friendships we make along the way
The best times are always found when friends and family gather round
Love, laughter and friends always welcome
Love is blind. Friendship quietly closes its eyes
Keep company with those who make you better
Good friends are good for your health
Friendship sweetens the cares of life
Friends and family make this house a home
Friends are angels in disguise
Friends are God’s way of taking care of us
Friends are like quilts, they never loose their warmth
Friends are the family we choose
Friendship is a sheltering tree

These are only a few quotes from my collection on Friends.

I feel I am blessed to have so many dear friends.

Thanks to you all for adding a little extra spice to my life.

(The picture I have added is one of me and my siblings in 1959 or thereabouts.Three others siblings were born later. It was not the most glamorous picture of any of us, but the memories it holds are priceless. Those were the "Good Old Days".)


  1. Boy sis...You really did go back a few years...I guess when I look back on all of it...Those are the days that made us who we are...the experiences we went through...the hard times we had and the good times too...All of us had responsibility at an early age...Each of us in different areas...We may not have gotten along all the time but those relationships that we formed with each other have carried us through a lifetime...Children brought up nowadays with no ressponsibility or self-pride has gotten the world in the shape it is in...Thank the "Lord" that we had responsible parents...We were poor in a financial sense but truly rich in the things that really mattered...Thank you for being on my road through life...Mary

  2. Whew! I just missed being in that picture!!

    I guess we felt poor but Mom always used to say when I would ask her if we were poor ~ honey, we don't have to pay rent because we own our own place and we have plenty to eat because we raise our own vegetables and have our own beef and pork. I got to the point where I felt sorry for those kids I went to school with because they had to rent and buy all their groceries from the store. I always did feel that home-made and home-grown was the best!! Now that I look back I know what Mom said was true...we did have it much better than she did! Love you...your sis...V