Friday, October 23, 2009

My quilt has a BooBoo!

Today is a rainy and dreary old day, so I will experiment a little more with my blog. It is such fun. I am not much for quilting. I have one sister who inherited that talent from our Grandmother, and she does the beautiful decorative quilts that have pattern names, but I just put together an occasional quilt out of boredom, to use up some of my favorite pieces of material which I have collected. I do love collecting material. This is my "Most Favorite" of all the quilts I have made. I would have entered it in the County Fair under Beginner's Quilts, but I made a boo boo on the back. I used a blanket, but being not that familiar with quilting, I placed it on my top, but did not center it. When I got closer to the end, the blanket ran out and I had to piece it. I didn't want that to be seen, so I didn't show it in the fair. Nonetheless, I am proud of it anyway. I know I can do it, so that's all that mattered to me. I'll try any craft once to see if I can do it, then I'm done with that, for the most part. On to the next craft, until I hit on one I dearly love.

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