Monday, October 19, 2009

Little to blog about today.

The day started much slower this morning, than usual.That wonderful new found tea that I'm loving so well, is not decaffinated.I was up cleaning the basement until 1:30 this morning.My eyes would not close. My heart was pounding so. I cleaned till I felt I would drop.After breakfast this morning, I went out to tackle the goat pen AGAIN. I caught one goat rushing under and one jumping over 3 strands of electric fence. I stretched a fourth strand along the top, and lowered the bottom strand in several places.I even coerced them into touching their noses to the fence to be sure it was working properly.It was.I ended up penning them up in a coral I had built for them. Hopefully, if they stay in there for a few days, they will be more content to stay in the fenced in area better without trying to get out.That's my reasoning, but I'll bet they have a totally different opinion about the matter. We'll see.If not, it may be "To market, to market, to sell 3 fat goats."Winter's coming, and I can't deal with that every day. I can't handle being out in the cold like I use to.

He needed my help taking the motor mounts off his Ford F-150 4X4 truck today, but since the fire, he couldn't find the right tools, so it will go to the garage in town. I thought that was where it needed to go in the 1st place anyway, but he felt he could do it.I did a little house cleaning this morning. Laid around the rest of the day.Not much to blog about here.Hope tomorrow is better.

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