Saturday, October 31, 2009


I had this table sitting on the front porch during Trick or Treat hours. It was only from 5 to 8. Good thing the wind wasn't as strong tonight as last night.It would have blown table and all, away.And it's cast iron and oak.I didn't have too many kids. Only about 20, but out here at Fortieth and Plum,(forty miles from town and plum back in the sticks)that is several. Most of the parents were kids who grew up in the school where I worked for years, driving the bus and cooking. Hard to believe they are all grown now and have kids the age they were back then.I don't think about the time passing like it has, until I get to thinking about that.I haven't called Mom yet.She was expecting 100 or more kids. She said the neighbor lady and possibly a couple of the granddaughters would come and help her hand out candy, otherwise she was planning to turn off her lights and go to bed early.Too much for her at 83,soon to be 84. I don't blame her a bit on that. 100 plus Trick or Treaters is a bit much.Hope everyone had a fun night.

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