Thursday, October 22, 2009

Have you washed your germs today?

On the news today, they had a segment on germs in your washing machine. I am already having a problem convincing my husband that my new washer and dryer were worth the switch. I wanted the new ones, simply because my old set was really old, but not broken. Tempermental at times, but still working. I read up on the appliances in Consumer Reports and the like , and decided I would save in so many ways by purchasing both, a new washer and dryer. The more modern ones would save me lots of money in the long run.I got a front loader that would hold a bigger load, use less water and electricity.Now they say the washing machine and dryer do not kill germs during the laundry process. You must run an empty machine with 1 cup of bleach and cold water every three or four uses, in order to kill the germs in the washer. I didn't hear how to kill them in the dryer. It seems the water nor the dryer temperature, gets hot enough to kill germs. And hot water hampers the bleach in doing its job when added to your wash. (I wonder if the bleach companies are behind this.)It seems we are encountering so many germs in our daily life anymore, I don't see how any of us survive. There are so many new germs that we are not even aware of, like the MRSA, it is scary. My household had a round with that, and believe me, you don't want it. So ladies, add this to your never ending list of "Things to Do that the Woman of the House is Responsible for Keeping in Check"

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