Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turnips and Apple Butter,Yum!

A neighbor dropped by yesterday and left me a mess of turnips. Guess what we'll be having for lunch. We both like turnips. Me, more so than him,but with his diabetes, he is learning to eat a few things he had never tried(and doing great with it, I might add).
My two sisters and I got together last summer, and canned boocoodles of apple sauce. More than we needed, so I dumped a couple of jars into the crock pot yesterday and made applebutter. It will come in handy for little gifts, here and there. I get to use my talents in more ways then one with this venture. I am dressing up the little jars with remnants of the fabrics I have collected, and I'll cutsie them up with ribbons,lace,etc. I love 'playing' with my fabrics, ribbons and lace, buttons, and the like. Heaven knows I have plenty of it all. My siblings and my Mom save it for me whenever they stumble across tidbits that they'll not use.I wonder what I'll get into today. I don't have an agenda, so I'll head to the basement and see what develops. I'm sure you'll hear about it in one of my next blogs.

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