Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday is Mom's Day!

I usually spend the day with Mom doing whatever she wants to do, on Saturdays. We never do a whole lot. She is 83 and getting around much slower these days.We usually go to the local drugstore and get her refills on whatever needed, then we hit WalMart. She gets all her over the counter meds and food items her doctor recommends she continues taking, which she does religiously. Sometimes I think he gets some sort of kickback on all that stuff. Mom has lost a lot of weight in the last year or two, but no wonder. She eats like a bird. I usually pick up something to contribute to our lunch. Sometimes we eat out, but then sometimes we pick up a little extra something to add to whatever she has in the fridge.Today we had a huge salad which we make with a club sandwich. I mean huge, too, bread and all. I picked up a cheese danish for dessert, which we couldn't eat after so much salad. We watched a program she had taped of her home state of Louisiana.Then we took our 'usual' nap. She doesn't sleep well at night, so I figure a little nap will help us both. Now it is our little ritual on Saturdays. Most of the family know we take our nap, so they try not to call till later.Hubby was deer hunting till late, so I had the evening to myself. I did some painting which I enjoy in the Fall and Winter months.This project was an American flag on a 20 pound rock. I enjoy painting on everything, rock included.Hopefully I'll learn to put a picture of it on here soon. It's getting late. I have the grandchildren tomorrow, so I'd better get all the sleep I can.There's no resting after they arrive.Good night!

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  1. Hope you and mom had a great day!!