Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom needs a trim!

Oops! I forgot to cut Mom's hair yesterday! We talked about it, but we did so much after that, I forgot to cut her hair. And it needed it bad. I awoke this morning, at 6 A.M. to go get the grandchildren(our day to keep them both,their parents both work weird shifts) So after picking up the kids, I rushed by Mom's(10 miles to the kids then 10 more miles more to Mom's) before she left for Sunday School, to cut her hair.She was elated. I couldn't let her go to church looking so shaggy. It had been several weeks since I had given her a trim.She has never gone to a beauty shop to have her hair fixed since she lived on St. Simon's, where the beautician was her best friend and Country Music Concert Companion.The kids were as patient as 8 and 4 year olds can be. Mom had cereal for them to eat while they waited on us to finish. Then we met Poppy at Kaye's for our breakfast(mine and his).He had been deer hunting. Black powder season was in for the weekend.When we were all finished, we all headed home to work on the firewood and goat pen. The kids were a big help on that.(Not joking)We had to rerun the entire goat pen in order to get access to the firewood pile.We paid the 2 kids a little for helping and gave Leah an extra $10 for getting all A's and B's and S's.She is saving for a nice TV for her room. John spends his as fast as he gets it on Hot Wheels. Usually F-150's.He goes to school now on Monday,Wednesdays, and Fridays, so he can't spend the night with us until Monday evenings now. Use to be Sunday nights.Poppy went hunting again tonight. I cooked squirrel for supper. Wow! What a day! It tires me out, all over again, just thinking about it. Can't wait to compose my next entry.This is fun. Later,later!

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  1. Wow!! So much in one day...makes me tired just reading it!! xoxox love you sis