Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Patience brings Progress.

I only hope that's true in this case. I know one needs to "crawl before you walk" , but I feel I'll be crawling for awhile when it comes to learning my way around this blogging thing.
This is a wreath I bought at a consignment shop for $7. It was a natural wreath with the ribbon and roses already intact. At the same time, I saw a plaque that I dearly loved, but I refused to pay the $5 for it when I could come home and make my own, so that is what I did. I collect verses, so it was a chore trying to decide what verse to use, so I simply chose one, and plan to change it on occasion.I love making plaques and wallhangings anyway. I have picked up every stray piece of wood that I find, and wag it to my craft department to use later.If I don't, it will be used as firewood. I even have Mom collecting wood for me now. (Boards and dirt are a precious commodity nowadays).My husband burns every piece of wood he gets his hands on, especially since we are having these cool morning now. I have to hide my wood from him and hope he doesn't stump his toe one day and burn it all up anyway. I will be experimenting with this site each day for awhile , so hopefully it will improve.

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  1. love it!! those are my favorite colors in the flowers