Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Sarah

Funny how some folks think alike. I just finished a piece about Mom, and thought of something I wanted to share about my pet, only to find my sister had written about both topics just today. I guess certain things evoke thoughts of your family, your childhood home, childhood memories, and the like,and these emotions produce peace, tranquility and contentment. I've read that thinking about things of this nature has a healing effect on the body, as do laughter and tears.Possibly that is why our family has been blessed with such long periods of good health and happiness. But back to the story of my pet, Sarah. I was sorting through some of my crafts, getting them ready to photograph for various blog postings.I had a couple of pillows laid out on my bed to provide a dark background for my picture. I stepped out of the room for a moment, and when I returned, there was Sarah, sleeping among my craft items, across the two pillows. She has a habit of seeking out the most comfortable spots to sleep. She won't tolerate an uncomfortable bed.When she falls asleep on our bed, we crawl in and disturb her, she goes to the guest room to sleep. When she wants to play, she wants to play, but when she wants to sleep,leave her alone.

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  1. Love little Sarah! I know exactly how she feels about the bed being just right! She and Baby had such fun when we were there that time...however, Baby was kind of possessive with her toys, she still is. Give her a love pat for me!!