Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gotta Check my Blog!

Isn't it funny how certain things will get you motivated. For the last 10 or 15 years that I worked, the one thing that would get me motivated, was getting up and turning on the CB radio at 4 in the morning. I would jump out of bed like a 4 year old. No aches or pains to be found, and my energy level was as if I had drank 3 cups of coffee.I would talk on that radio to friends all around the state of Kentucky, and maybe a few from other states, if the weather was just right. Then in an hour or so, I would get ready for work and be pumped with plenty of energy to get through my work day. I guess that's adrenaline that's pumped into your bloodstream, from doing something you enjoy. I need to do a little more research on that, but I think that is one of the substances that keeps your immune system healthy. I really do believe I was much healthier in those days. Gardening and crafts produce that kind of surge for me most days.But we had a house fire, and lost our radio set up. And, too, a lot of undesirables were getting on the air and messing the channel up for all the local CB'ers. That drove a lot of folks off the channel and off the radio altogether. Plus,several of our older friends on the radio, have died.There are a few reasons why we do not have a CB radio up and running now, but neither of us have fretted that much over it, as of yet. With the winter months coming on, and the trauma of the house fire subsiding, we may get the urge this winter for another CB radio set up.
I have told you this to get to this point. I have not been that quick to jump out of bed, feeling that great, since the CB days, but since I have started my blog, I find myself back in the routine of doing so. I can't wait to check my blog and the others I have been keeping up with.So far, my two sisters are my main reads, but as I learn my way around, I am checking out some others. Good Morning to everyone out there in Blogland. If it were possible, I would like to greet you all with the "Muleskinner Blues".That was my greeting on the CB radio. The UPS drivers would hear me waking up all the way to Bardstown, Ky. Those were some of the "Good Old Days".

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  1. Who was that by? The Muleskinner Blues you're talking about. I sent you an email with a link where you may be able to get music to post on your blog