Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some of my older crafts

I have some older crafts that survived the house fire in 2007,that I haven't had the heart to part with.The crewel was one I made in 1978-79. It won a ribbon at the county fair back then. It was my first crewel. I did one more which I liked better, but gave it to a friend. It was a red barn scene. That was my only experience with crewl work. Not my most favorite craft, but I just wanted to see if I could do it, then I was done.
I usually end up going back to projects using wood and paint. I give most of them away, sooner or later. The rooster plaque was made for a friend I met on the CB. I never met him personally, but spoke to him often over the air. He told about having a really mean rooster. That inspired me to make the plaque. I never did get to see or meet him. I'm not even sure if he is still living. We have lost a lot of older CB friends over the last year or two.


  1. I tried to go in an straighten up the layout of my last post, but couldn't fix it. Oh,well! I am a beginner,after all.

  2. Sis...I have been meaning to thank you for the inspiration to start "Nails in my Pocket"....I love your and Vicki's site so much...I am sure I will be calling on the two of you in the future as I am learning....Your Sis...Mary