Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wisdon of Mothers

I was on the way to my chiropractor appointment one day this summer, and low and behold, there along the way, hung one of Mom's quilts on someone's clothesline.I recognized it immediately. I visited Mom after my appointment to tell her about seeing the quilt. At first I thought it was one of the quilts she had made for the soldiers, but then I noticed, it was not red, white, and blue, but red, blue and gray, the best I remember, but after discussing it with her, we decided that was probably one she made out of whatever material she had on hand, and donated it to the Church Closet for folks who needed household items for whatever reason. Burnouts,tornadoes, or simply down on their luck and needing some help.It was so nice to stumble across that quilt. You wonder sometimes, if things really get to the folks you intend them to. Mom always says,"We gave with a cheerful heart. That's all that matters".Even if we do learn later about the abuse of the system handling the cause.We did our part. She also said,"Freely give and freely you shall receive." And we have always had more than enough. (Vicki, I used the same picture as on your blog. Hope you don't mind. I do love that one, too.)

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