Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's a Sad Night at our House Tonight!

I had to give up my two baby goats tonight. We have a neighbor who raises goats on a much bigger scale than mine. He has an excellent set up and lots of pasture and other goats.He offered to buy mine for a nice sum, so I couldn't refuse. The money is great, but the problem was they kept getting out of their pen and we live right on the road, so I couldn't take the chance of them getting hit and us getting sued.Besides, winter in coming, and I don't need to be out in the snow chasing them down every day. The kids and I have grown very close to them. We love them just as much as we do Sarah, Bear, and Dixie, our 3 dogs, but it is for the best that we do this.I kept the mother.She will be lonesome at first, but hopefully in a month or so, we will have her bred again so she will have new babies in the spring. The grandchildren will be happy to have new babies. I hope.We can all go by and visit Mattie and Josie whenever we want. They are just 1/2 mile down the road from us.


  1. Sorry you had to let them go...but glad that they are so close!!

  2. Well, guess what. The goats are back home. We got all sad and teary eyed for nothing. The black one was out at daylight this morning, on the right of way, and a trucker and his girlfriend called me to let me know. I rushed down there and brought Josie back home. I called Hershell. He was in Albany with a cousin, hauling slabs to the charcoal mill. I told him the story and he said I'd better go on and get Mattie, too, rather than leave the one by itself.She was so happy to see me. Now we just need to go back to Darrin's tonight and explain to him that we'll just keep them. If they show up bred in a few months, we'll pay him for his male goat's services then. Gee, I hope they're not bred.I am so glad to have them home, even if they do get out occasionally.We'll just have to put them in the chicken pen for the winter. It is totally enclosed. We had them in with the chicken's when they were first born. Let's see Josie get out of there.

  3. That's too funny! Home again, home again ~ jiggidy jog!!! There's no place like home, there's no place like home...